Sort Your Music

Sort your Spotify playlists by any of a wide range of musical attributes such as tempo, loudness, valence, energy, danceability, popularity and more. Now with Filters!

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Get your playlists in order

With Sort Your Playlists you can easily order the songs in any of your playlists be a wide range of parameters. Just follow these steps:

  1. Login with your Spotify credentials
  2. Pick your playlist
  3. Sort the playlist by clicking on the column headings in the playlist table
  4. Save the sorted playlist to Spotify

Tap into the power of Spotify's song attributes

Sort Your Music lets you sort your playlist based on a number of Spotify's song attributes including:

  1. Beats Per Minute (BPM) - The tempo of the song.
  2. Energy - The energy of a song - the higher the value, the more energtic. song
  3. Danceability - The higher the value, the easier it is to dance to this song.
  4. Loudness - The higher the value, the louder the song.
  5. Valence - The higher the value, the more positive mood for the song.
  6. Length - The duration of the song.
  7. Acoustic - The higher the value the more acoustic the song is.
  8. Popularity - The higher the value the more popular the song is.
  9. A.Sep - maximizes the artist separation in the set
  10. Rnd - A randon number. Sort by this column to shuffle your playlist.


Here are some answers to questions about Sort Your Music

  1. How was this built? This was created using the Spotify API.
  2. Where can I learn more about the Spotify song attributes? See Acoustic Attributes Overview
  3. Can you add more attributes to the app? Yes, but it is a tradeoff between display space, complexity and utility. Let me know which attributes you'd like to see.
  4. Any more features planned? - Yes, I'd like to add a few more features such as:
    • Duplicate track removal
    • Manual reordering, addition, and deletion.
    If you have any ideas for new feature, let me know.
  5. Is the source available - Yes, you can find it on github
  6. Does Sort Your Music overwrite my playlist when I save? - Only if you chose the 'Overwrite playlist option' otherwise it creates a copy of the playlist. The new playlist is called 'Old playlist name sorted by increasing X', where X is what you sorted the playlist on.

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